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Jobbie Domenden

Executive Chef, Five Spice

“You should always love what you do, or you will never enjoy it”

“Think outside of the box; find what you love and do it great!”

Born and raised on the island of Molokai, Jobbie Domenden spent his childhood fishing with his father to help put food on the table for their family. He learned from a young age what it meant to appreciate living off the land and sea, while surrounding himself with a mix of cultures and flavors that would soon ignite a passion and curiosity for the culinary world.

A natural artist, Jobbie soon learned to express his creativity through food, a path that led him to the Western Culinary Institute, Le Cordon Bleu in 2001. He began to develop his culinary skills and worked his way from prep cook to Sous chef in a short amount of time. From there, he propelled from “Assistant Pastry Chef” into an “Executive Chef” role with Restaurants Unlimited in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii, creating Polynesian, Asian and Mediterranean cuisines.

After almost a decade away from the islands, in 2015, Jobbie returned home and soon after joined the Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina as the Restaurant Head Chef at La Hiki Kitchen. With his traditional Hawaiian upbringing, love of fresh local ingredients and his unique ability to fuse sweet and savory, this venue allowed Chef Jobbie to truly showcase his creations.

Fast-forward to 2017 and Jobbie has now refocused, setting his sights on yet another adventure. As the Executive Chef of newly opened Five Spice in Honolulu, he is again creating food for the soul; reimagining American classics, enhancing their flavors and aesthetics with Asian spices, rubs and ingredients! In his kitchen, everything is made from scratch – with love. From house made breads, lemongrass and kaffir crusted ribeye, to his creative twist on a classic Filipino dessert “Halo Halo.” One can truly taste the love that goes into every dish.

Visit us at 808 Sheridan St. in Honolulu